The multi-colour District Pin depicts the unity in the midst of diversity amongst the constituents of our District 322D : Parts of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Nagaland. Each state is unique with its own characteristics, yet there is an underlying bond of oneness.

The green colour in Assam, the land of one horned rhino , world’s unique golden muga silk and world’s largest river island represents Assam tea famous all over the world.

The blue colour in Manipur where the world’s oldest polo ground houses represents Loktak Lake, largest freshwater lake in northeast India and only floating lake in India famous for the ring-like phumdis floating over it.

The reddish yellow colour in Arunachal Pradesh ,the biggest north east state , land of dawn-lit mountains ,paradise of botanists and orchid state of India represents the” Land of rising sun.

The red colour in Nagaland ,the falcon capital of the world represents its Bhoot Jolokia (ghost chili),which was once, in 2007 recorded world’s hottest chili pepper in Guineas book of world record.

Though each of the four states has such specialties and displays ethnic diversity with their own rich culture ,tradition, religion and language they are bound together in the fold of Lionism as one family with brotherhood, unity, and harmony. The golden outer rim in the Pin represents this unity in the midst of diversity.



Serving with innovation is going to be the guiding principle for the District 322D
Innovation is the process of taking creative ideas and transforming them into action. Creative ideas comes from imagination . In this ever-changing world a proactive mindset ” Let’s try something new “ will open many doors and opportunities to promote effective delivery of services. We endeavor to create a culture of innovative service delivery amongst the members of the district.

Origin of Lions was also an innovative concept .Melvin Jones had a vision to serve others and he used his imaginative ideas (creativity) to establish Lions Club International (innovation). He made reality his idea to create a service –oriented organization from his networking club of businessmen.

The surrounding environment is constantly evolving, throwing up new challenges on a regular basis, requiring innovative solutions to meet these challenges. The district 322D is going to offer a platform to its members for out of the box thinking through effective brainstorming, for raising the standards of service delivery to the level of international best practices. The Lions of District 322D bring to the table diverse viewpoints, skillsets and experiences and are well positioned to serve with innovation for a better tomorrow.

Theme Song


Our Guiding Principles

 Changes call for innovation and innovation leads to progress - Li Keqiang
Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things - Theodore Levitt
If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old- Peter Drucker