District Fund Foundation (DFF 322D) Successful journey in Service


In the Lionistic Year 1984-85 when Lion B P Bakshi was the District Governor of the undivided District – 322D, which extended from Malda in West Bengal to Itanagar in Arunachal with the support and cooperation of senior Lion Leaders Late Lion PDG J.N. Bawri, Lion PDG P.C. Agarwal, Late Lion B.N. Baruah, PDG Lion P.C. Maskara, PDG Lion P.K. Shah / now 322F PDG Late Lion S.N. Agarwal, Lion D.C. Borkakoty & then DG Lion B.P. Bakshi who conceived the scheme of DFF and after in depth discussions announced District Fund Foundation (DFF) to extend financial support to service projects of Lions clubs in the District. A Corpus Fund was created with an initial contribution of Rs. 1,000/- from him which grew to about Rs. 2.25 crores (Rs. 22.5 million) in course of time. Only income from the Corpus Fund was to be utilized to fulfill the objectives of DFF.


The formal announcement of formation of District Fund Foundation (DFF) was made in the District Conference held on 5th April, 1985 at Imphal and Lion members approved it with great enthusiasm.


Lion members, their families and Lions associates were invited to contribute to District Fund Foundation. As many as 100 Lion members from different Lions Clubs present in the Conference stood up to become Life Members. This was very overwhelming.


Lion B.P. Bakshi was appointed as Founder Trustee in the First Cabinet meeting of 1985-86 on recommendation of first ever DFF Trustees meeting held in 1985-86.



The contributions to DFF were designated as:


1.  Annual Member           -           Rs. 100/- (discontinued)

2.  Life Member                  -           Rs. 1,000/-

3.  Progressive Member  -           Rs. 2,000/-


All Lion contributors to be recognized with award of DFF Certificate, Pin/Plaque.


Since then the response of Lion members for contribution to DFF had been very encouraging. As soon as reasonable corpus income was available, financial grants were sanctioned to various Lions Clubs for their Service Projects.



Club Service Project Grant

1.     Any Lions Club in good standing can apply for grant from DFF for their service project and such applications have to be applied in DFF Grant Proforma to be had for DFF office, Tinsukia.


A grant application in prescribed proforma has to be received in DFF office, Tinsukia at least 15 days before a scheduled DFF meeting.


Such applications are scrutinized in the office and forward to BOM for final decision.


Any grant application received on the eve of the meeting is not considered.


The DFF grantee club cannot transfer grant for use to other project of the club. Otherwise the grant amount has to be returned.


Service Projects Supported

More than 200+ service projects of various Lions Clubs in District 322D (including present 322F & 322G) have received Financial grants from DFF ie. more than 6 Club Service Projects per year.


Grant Administrator / Facilitator


DFF while disbursing the grant amount appoints a DFF Grant Administrator / Facilitator to ensure timely and proper use of grant amount.


 Principle for DFF Grant Sanction

The principle of DFF grant is to support 50% of cost of a service project with a ceiling of presently @ Rs. 90,000/-. The club is required to utilize its own funds to start the project and DFF Grant is to be utilized towards completion of the project.


Grant utilization Certificate

The grant recipient Clubs are required to submit Grant Utilization Certificate after completion of project.

Failure to do so will debar any new grant application of the defaulting Club for consideration of grant.




District Governors distinctive Role

The successive District Governors during their tenure played a great role every year to successfully motivate Lion members to contribute to strengthen DFF corpus Fund.


The DFF became popular in the District and Lions members came forward every year to contribute. The contribution pattern was also strengthened from time to time and Present Categories are as follows:



1.     Life Donor                                        -           Rs. 2,000/-

2.     Progressive  Donor                       -           Rs. 4,000/-

3.     Diamond Donor                             -           Rs. 7,000/-


B. Knights of DFF


1.     Knights of DFF                    -           Rs. 15,000/-



C.    Star Commandants of DFF


This category was started to Commemorate 30 years of successful journey of service of DFF in the year 2014-15 announced at the 36th District Conference held in 2015 at Imphal & Manipur. The Lion members response was again very encouraging.


1.     One Star Commandant*             -           Rs. 20,000/-

2.     Two Star Commandant**           -           Rs. 25,000/-

3.     Three Star Commandant***     -           Rs. 30,000/-

4.     Four Star Commandant****     -           Rs. 40,000/-


Note 1: Contributory Donors in any of the above categories can pay the balance amount to upgrade their membership to next higher category.


Note 2: Lion Donors can also become Direct Contributory Donors in higher category by paying the full amount shown against that category.


Note 3: Contributory Donors are presented with Membership Certificates, Plaques for Knights & Star Commandants and beautiful Pin in recognition of their support to DFF.




100% DFF Clubs

The Lions Clubs are also encouraged to become 100% DFF Club when all members paying contribution to DFF.


Many Clubs have become 100% DFF Club and duly recognized for the same in the District Conference.


Karmayogi Award

In the year 1999-2000, Karmayogi Award was started to recognize the Contribution of a non-lion social worker in the field of social, literature, cultural and environment fields in our District selected by Karmayogi Award Committee appointed by the District Governor every year from applicants sponsored by a Lions Club.


Till the year 2020-21, as many as 21 renowned achievers have been selected for Karmayogi Award. Some of them have received Padma Shree Award also from the Government of India.


A plaque, Shawl and Cash amount of Rs. 51,000/- is presented to the Karmayogi Awardee.


30 Years Commemoration of successful DFF Journey


On completion of 30 years of successful DFF journey a Commemoration function was held during the 36th District Conference held on 15th March, 2015 in Imphal where Hon’ble Chief Minister of Manipur Shri Okram Ibobi Singh was the Chief Guest where a new contributory membership category of DFF Star Commandants was introduced.


The response was very heartening and as many as 35 Lion members stood up to become One Star Commandant Member of DFF with handsome collection of        Rs. 5,00,000/- for DFF Corpus Fund. The scheme continues to inspire Lion members to support DFF.


A 30 years Commemorative Souvenir was also published on the occasion which received high praise from all. The scheme continues to inspire Lions members.


            It is a matter of proud achievement that District Fund Foundation with the untiring and dedicated efforts of successive District Governors and the generous support of Lion members has gone a long way to strengthen the DFF corpus and has made DFF as strong Club Service Project Supporting Institution.




Popularity of DFF

The concept of DFF has become popular amongst Lion members of our District. After Bifurcation, the District 322F & District 322G have set up their own prosperous District Fund Foundation.

As many as 6/7 Lions Districts in our Multiple 322 have also got inspired and set up such Foundations. Even Rotary International District of our area has adopted our pattern of Foundation.


DFF Highlights


1.        Administration:

A.   Board of Trust – with 7 Trustees (same number as 7 First Trustees in the DFF Trust Deed of 1985) consisting of

1.    Senior most Past District Governor by rotation – Chairperson (3 years term)

2.    District Governor

3.    Immediate Past District Governor

4.    Vice-District Governor – I

5.    Vice-District Governor – II

6.    Next Senior Past District Governor (3 years term) by rotation

7.    Immediate Past – IPDG


Board of Trust shall have the absolute control and powers to decide policy matters for efficient functioning of District Fund Foundation in fulfillment of the Objectives of DFF Trust.


B.    Board of Management (BOM)

BOM has powers of administration and day to day affairs of the Trust consists 

  1. District Governor
  2. Immediate Past District Governor – Chairman
  3. Vice District Governor – I
  4. Vice District Governor – II 

5 to 8. Four Past District Governors (including one as authorized Trustee) 

   9.  District Cabinet Treasurer – Secretary of BOM










10 & 11.Two Lion Members – who is a Past President of a Lions Club and DFF Donors 

District Cabinet Secretary is special Invitee to BOM meetings.

All Past District Governors are Permanent Invitees to BOM meetings.
The powers and terms & conditions for administration and day to day affairs of BOM are listed in the Amendment / Rectification Deed dt. 28th April, 2021 & DFF Deed of 16th May, 1985.



C. As decided in the final DFF Trustees meeting held on 5th March, 2021 at Dimapur and approved by District Cabinet meeting next day 6th March contributors to Corpus Fund of the Trust will be recognized from now on wards  as DFF Life Donor, DFF Progressive Donor, DFF Diamond Donor, Knight of DFF, Star Commandant Donors, substituting the word ‘Member’ as used earlier with ‘Donor’ .


2.  Finance & Accounts

All financial matters including Sanction of grants to clubs, Maintenance of accounts, Banking, Audit, Income Tax and day to day general administration, etc. are handled by Board of Management (BOM).


It may be noted that all C/As’ at Tinsukia from beginning are not charging any fees. We are grateful to them viz. C/A Lion M.P. Bazari, C/A Shri Indraneel Bhattacharjee and presently C/A. Shri Shashi B. goel. 


3.  Corpus Fund – Transfer to bifurcated Districts


An amount of Rs. 13.76 lakhs as their share was transferred to District 322F on bifurcation in 2000-01. An amount of Rs. 52,81,153/- has been transferred as their share to District 322G.


4. Income Tax Registration and Donation Contribution Exemption under Income Tax

     Act, 1961:


a)     District Fund Foundation 322D stands Registered as Trust U/S 12A under Income Tax Act, 1961


b)    DFF also registered U/S 80g of the Income Tax Act, 1961 whereby contributions to DFF continue to enjoys 50% exemption.


Their acts as inspiration to the members to donate contribution to DFF Corpus fund.


Revalidation of Registration U/S 12A and Sec 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961


Ministry of Finance, had recently announced to apply afresh for revalidation of Registration U/S 12A and U/S 80g of Income Tax Act, 1961. Necessary steps are being taken to do the needful as advised by Auditor C/A Shri Shashi B Goel, Tinsukia.


We are keeping our fingers crossed and pray to God for receiving revalidation.





5.  DFF Booklet - A DFF Booklet giving various details of contributions Name wise & Club wise and grants sanctioned and disbursed ,Audited Balance Sheet and Statement of accounts is published every year and distributed to all Lions Clubs every year.


DFF Office at Tinsukia

            The DFF office under the clubs & efficient leadership of Founder Chairman & PDG Lion B.P. Bakshi since its inception in 1985 has been functioning at Tinsukia. The office is maintaining all records, promptly answers all queries of Lion members and Lions Clubs, general administration of DFF functioning, presenting a Progress Report every BOT/BOM meeting (4 per year), Banking matters, follow up of grant / utilisation certificates, etc.


He is assisted by Staff members of AIMO (Assam State Board), Assam Productivity Council and Lions Seva Kendra of Lions Club of Tinsukia on a token Honorarium and have worked with all dedication and commitment.


All necessary details about grants, Lions Members & Clubs are under digitization and expected to updated within this year.


District Fund Foundation has become proud synonym with Lions Clubs service projects with the active support of dedicated successive District Governors since inception and active and generous support of Lions members of our District.


Founder Chairman is thankful to all of them and grateful for their support to District Fund Foundation.


(With vital Inputs from Founder Chairman & Past District Governor Lion B.P. Bakshi)