1. To promote the programs of International President Lion Jung-Yul Choi and give full support.
  2. To ensure minimum 10% or 4 members (whichever is higher) net membership growth in
    each club.
  3. To open 8 New Lions Clubs and 4 New Leo Clubs.
  4. To introduce more women members in the fold of Lionism and promote them to leadership positions.
  5. To support LCIF, its concept and ideas and enroll more MJF members.
  6. To support DFF, its concept and enroll more DFF members.
  7. To organize District Level Fund Raising project to support weak/sick and smaller clubs.
  8. To organize a monthly contest for Clubs and Lion members.
  9. To minimize administrative expenses at District and Club level.
  10. To put more emphasis on timely and accurate reporting of service activities through myLCI.
  11. To bring transparency in District Administration.
  12. To encourage clubs to maintain transparency in Club accounts and send International and District dues in time.
  13. To encourage clubs to get registered under Societies Act and obtain PAN card to get the benefits of CSR.
  14. To put emphasis on Time Management, healthy work culture and friendly environment in Clubs and District.
  15. To support and participate in“One Multiple One Activity”projects initiated by Multiple District 322, and “One District One Activity“ projects initiated by the District.
  16. To give emphasis on Public Relation and Image building of Lions.
  17. To carry out community need based service projects covering social, healthcare, environment, sight, diabetes, natural
  18. To glorify the Image of “Lions” by“WE SERVE”.

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