We salute our National Flag

And pledge our allegiance to the same.

It’s honor and it’s glory

depend upon the zeal and assiduity

with which each one of us

shoulder our responsibilities of a good citizen.

It’s glorious history

written in letters of gold,

inspires us to put in good work

for the fair name of our country.

We declare our unflinching loyalty

to our National Flag

and maintain that it’s course

shall be our course

and that each individual amongst us

will make genuine efforts

to add to it’s

luster and glory

and make it fly proudly

aloft in the commity of Nations.



Let there be harmony in your thoughts

Let there be harmony in your gatherings

Let there be harmony in your brains and minds

Let there be harmony in your mutual help

Be you all mutually co-operative in service


Peace Prayer


May the land of light shine peace,

May the endless space shower peace,

May the heart of earth don peace,

May the flow of water ripple peace,

May the medicinal herbs gift peace,

May the vegetation grow grant peace

May the learned noble spread peace,

May the divine spirits foster peace,

May the world be a shelter of peace,

May the peace be harbinger of peace,

May the true peace, fill our lives

And let it deliver our land of strifes.