Protocol is the courtesy we show in our everyday life affects our attitudes, our work and, in turn how we view ourselves as human beings. Protocol means respect for position. It also means using diplomacy and tact in your relations with others. Protocol is also a form of etiquette. Adherence to Official Protocol as prescribed by the international Lion dignitaries is absolutely essential at Lions meetings at any level District / Multiple District or International level. The following is the official protocol policy of the Lions which is required to be acknowledged. Lions shall be recognized in the following order:


1.                                   International President

2.                                   Immediate Past International President

3.                                   Intl. Vice Presidents (according to rank)

4.                                   Intl. Directors (a) (Board Appointees)***

5.                                   Past International Presidents (b)

6.                                   Past International Directors (c)

7.                                   Chairperson, Council of Governors (a)

8.                                   District Governors

9.                                   Association Executive Directors

10.                                 Association Secretary

11.                                 Association Treasurer

12.                                 Past Council Chairperson (a)

13.                                 Immediate Past District Governor (a)

14.                                 First Vice District Governor

15.                                 Second Vice District Governor

16.                                 Past District Governor (a)

17.                                 Multiple District Secretaries (volunteer) (a)

18.                                 Multiple District Treasurers (volunteer) (a)

19.                                 District Secretaries (a)

20.                                 District Treasurers (a)

21.                                 Region Chairperson (a)

22.                                 Zone Chairperson (a)

23.                                 District Chairperson (a)

24.                                 Club Presidents (a)

25.                                 Immediate Past Club Presidents (a)

26.                                 Club Secretaries (a)

27.                                 Club Treasurers(a)

28.                                 Club Past Presidents (c)

29.                                 Multiple District Secretaries (Staff) (a)

30.                                 Multiple District Treasurers (Staff) (a)


* Appointees by the international president to committees of the International Board of Directors and the LCIF Executive Committee shall be introduced and otherwise recognized before Lions who have held the same office.


Non - Lion-Dignitaries

Non-Lion dignitaries should be given precedence in accordance with local protocol and / or custom, keeping in mind that if the non-Lion is the Principal speaker, then he should be seated directly to the right of the chairman.


Head                    Table                       Sitting


The Presiding officer of a meeting must always be seated at the most central seat at the table when there is no central podium, as shown in the Figure 1. The principal speaker would occupy seat number two, then other Lion dignitaries in accordance with the general order of precedence. If possible there should be the same number of seats to the right and left of the chairman or presiding officer (who would normally be the club President, District Governor, Council Chairman or International President)










Figure 1


As shown in Figure 2, seating at the head table with a podium is essentially the same, except the meeting chairman or presiding office is always seated at the left of the podium (facing the audience) and the principal speaker at the right.














Figure 2


When wives are present, they should be seated to their husband's left when on the left side of the table, and to his right when on the right side of the table. In the event that the principal speaker is a woman, and her husband or other escort is present, he should be seated at her right.


National Anthem`

When official representatives of the International Board of Directors (whether or not currently serving on the Board) from other countries are present at an event where national anthem are normally played, they should be extended the privilege of having their anthem played.