Second Century Ambassador, Immediate Past District Governor, Lion M Gojendra Singh is a leader with clear vision and innovative ideas. He joined Lionism in the year 1999-2000 as a Charter Member of the Lions Club of Imphal Greater, the second oldest club in Imphal.

Born and brought up in Imphal, he is the only son in the family and had received special attention with utmost love and care from his parents and grandparents. This characteristic has been inherited by him and he is a very kind and a big hearted person who is a lover of animals and nature.

A born leader from his school days he joined the National Cadet Corps at the age of 15. He was adjudged as the Best Boy Cadet of the Entire Seven North Eastern States and later the Best Boy Cadet of All India in the year 1970. He also received the Indira Gandhi cane of honour and President of India Cane of Honour for the All India Best Boy Cadet 1970.  He also got the rare opportunity of leading the All India Junior Division NCC contingent in the Republic Day Parade on the 26th January, 1970 at New Delhi.

He graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture, Benares Hindu University, Varanasi. He later joined the Department of Agriculture through the Manipur Public Service Commission topping the list of 115 candidates in the year, 1982.

He is a LIFE MEMBER of the All Manipur Football Association and he started his philanthropic work by donating a prize money and Running Trophy known as the Winner’s Cup in the fond Memory of his late father Mayanglambam Chittamani Singh, the famed sportsperson ‘Hockey Goalkeeper Chittamani’.

After becoming the President of the Lions Club of Imphal Greater, he actively supported in organising the Inter Children Home Sports Meet for the less privileged children.  

With his active participation in the District activities, endless enthusiasm, and being a good organiser, the District identified him and groomed him as a future Leader. In the year 2006 he was appointed as the Deputy Cabinet Secretary and later he was appointed as the Zone Chairperson in the year 2007 and as a Region Chairperson in the year 2008.

During his Lionistic Career he has been recognised as the Best President, Best Zone Chairperson, and Best Region Chairperson of the District and Outstanding Region Chairperson of Multiple 322.

He also received as many as 8 International President’s Appreciation Certificates, Certified Guiding Lion Award, and 13 Club Extension Awards. He is also a recipient of the President’s Leadership Medal and the Highest Presidential Medal.

He has attended 11 International Conventions, 7 ISAAME Forums, 5 Multiple Conventions and 16 District Conferences. He is a trained RLLI Graduate from Kathmandu and an ALLI Graduate from Colombo and has also attended three All India DG /VDG Schooling programmes held at Chennai, Bhubaneswar and Hyderabad. The last Schooling he attended was LCI DGE Schooling at Las Vegas.

During his tenure as District Governor, 6 New Clubs were opened in July 2018 and could achieve the target of opening altogether 13 new clubs, and 1 Branch club during 2018-2019 Lionistic year. His support to the Campaign 100 programme with the enrolment of 55 MJF and 3 PMJF from the District broke all previous records in the Lions District 322D.

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