Lion Club

Motto Elaboration

Lions movement started to engage itself for positive results of having impact on the society and the community as a whole. Lions are mainly driven by the benevolence to SERVE with a difference with service programs and activities. Lions act as role models to inspire others too, to serve. Whatever you do, celebrate with service and make it a special day for someone in need. Our purpose and object is not merely to SERVE but celebrate it by bringing joy and smiles on the face of others. Your services to the society, community and mankind matter a lot to some, which cause should be celebrated. You can celebrate even your successful accomplishments in the field of service, in the barren fields too where the plants of service either not planted or not grown.

For 100 years Lions have answered to call of humanity to serve, those who needed us most. This is the year of Centennial, so also a cause for us to celebrate our accomplishments, the purpose of being a Lion. While we celebrate storied history of service we must add colors to our Celebrations by contributing to the welfare and needs of the community and the people in different ways.

If someone finds a real value in your services in whatever form, that helps others to rejoice otherwise challenged life, you have done a great job to the cause of the humanity……the humanity created by God and that becomes service to God too. Now time to plan and coin service projects that benefits the community, our youths, the women, children, less privileged and so on to make it Centennial Legacy projects. For service sky is the limit…..the depth of ocean is the limit.

So is the theme and motto of this Lionstic year. SERVE AND CELEBRATE