Lion Club

DG Biodata

Radha Agarwala MJF born in the renowned Kyal (Agarwala) family in Rangia to late Durga dutt Agarwala and late Parvati Devi Agarwala. She did her schooling from Rangia Girls High School and graduated from Rangia College. The leadership acumen was inherent in her since her child, having inherited it from her father, who happened to be popular political leader of the area from Congress party. She was an exuberant dancer and sports person, stage artist a keen learner and at times part of jury panel for different cultural and dance competitions. Married in a renowned family to PMCC Lion M. P. Agarwala, who himself had earned great repute for his devotion to lionism. They are blessed with two sons Robin and Ronak, one daughter Pinki & five grandchildren. Lion Radha is associated with various service organizations like Jagriti Ladies Club, FICCI (Flo), Purvottar Marwari Mahila Samiti and others.

She joined the Lion's organization as charter member of Lioness Club of Guwahati in 1996- 97 and became the President of Lions Club of Seva in 2009-2010. Thereafter she became the Charter President of Lions Club of Guwahati (Arpan). She served the Lions district 322D in different capacities District Chairperson Rehabilitation, Editor Eastern Lion, Zone Chairperson, Region Chairperson, Inter Regional Co-ordinator, District Lioness Chairperson, Vice District Governor-II & I and then ultimately as District Governor 2017-18. She thus actively contributed towards the cause of the society and Lionism in different capacities with utmost devotion and dedication.

Her commitment, perseverance, sincerity and leadership acumen was acknowledged having bequeathed her with numerous awards like best Lioness president , Lioness of the district and eight other awards in 2006- 2007 the very same year and then best Lions President of LC of Guwahati Seva, 100 percent president award and 26 district awards and three multiple awards and the Lion of the District in 2009-2010, Best Zone Chairperson in 2010-11, Second Best Region Chairperson in 2011-2012, 100 % Charter President Award in 2009-10 and 2011 -2012, International Presidents Medals, International Presidents Certificates on seven occasions, District Gold Medals in 2007-2008 and 2009-10. She had successfully undergone leadership training at Regional Leadership at Kaziranga and had attended all the schoolings since last six years, multiple schooling for PST at Kolkata and Guwahati. She also attended International Convention at Chicago, Sydney and Bangkok, Issame Forum at Sri Lanka, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and all District and Multiple Conventions since last ten years. She had been instrumental in opening four new clubs as the Club President in 2009-10 being at Mankachar, Tura, Guwahati Kairali, Guwahati Arda Missing and one Leo Club and one Lioness Club. Again in 2011-12 as President of Guwahati Arpan sponsored Lions Club of Guwahati Anmol.

As a leader she managed attention through a consistent vision and created her own individual identity and with her skill displayed effectively manifestation of services to humanitarian causes. She derived self-worthy through community services, displaying her leadership traits as a woman balancing both home and work. It required a vision of the big picture and pain tolerance, efficient multi-tasking, she accepted all challenges that a woman faces in the era, which needed from her persistence, and the ability of nurturing spirit and confidence she inspired trust and painted picture of future with a distinct change capable of being a role model.